Card Retailers Sheep Card Starter Pack

Card Retailers Sheep Card Starter Pack
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Sheep Card Starter Pack.

Contains 6 each of the following best selling designs, 180 cards in total.

S2 Good Luck to Ewe

S9 Missing Ewe

S15 Happy Baa-thday to Ewe

S23 Ewe Are My Sunshine

S31 I Love Ewe

S33 Thankewe

S63 Newe Home

S64 Newe Job

S77 Just Keeping In Touch With Ewe

S83 Baby Ewe've Arrived-Pink

S84 Baby Ewe've Arrived-Blue

S88 Happy Baa-thday Balloons

S96 Wedding Congrat-ewe-lations

S101 Get Well Soon

S103 Ph-ewe Not Another Birthday

S108 Happy Baa-thday to Ewe (mixed cols)

S111 I Saw This and Thought of Ewe

S128 Happy Birthday Two Ewes

S133 If Friends Were Flowers, I'd Pick Ewe

S134 Happy Anniversary

S135 Ewes a Birthday Boy/Girl

S137 Happy Retirement

S145 Thinking of Ewe

S146 Happy Baa-thday-Time to Party

S147 Ewe're Fab-ewe-lous

S148 Friendsheep

S150 Welcome to Your Little Lamb-Pink

S151 Welcome to Your Little Lamb-Blue

S155 Congrat-ewe-lations

S156 From Me to Ewe



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