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Welcome to Vanessa Bee Designs - TRADE SITE

About Us

The beginning- A few years ago we just sold our “ewenique” range of hand made cards, and whilst these were very successful we felt that we could add more sheep related products to our range.  We initially added fridge magnets which proved to be very popular so we subsequently introduced mugs, coasters, stationery, textiles and our “fab-ewe-lous” shopping bags.

The Knitting Bag- Our shopping bags continued to sell very well, but we also heard that they were being used as knitting bags because they were so sturdy and such a good size.  This prompted us to design a proper knitting bag, and after having our initial designs reviewed by several “knit and natter” groups we settled on the current design.  We started with a single design available in two colours and sold the initial production run in a couple of months.  This gave us the confidence to introduce more bag designs and more colour selections. From the two bags that we started with three years ago, we now have over sixty to choose from.  Using our knowledge from the giftware side of the business we have been able to add a range of knitting themed gifts which have been very popular.  Whilst our initial customers for these products were knitting and crafting shops, we are now seeing that the knitting bags also sell very well in more traditional gift outlets.

The Next Step- One of our employees asked us last year if we could print some of her   brothers drawings on mugs and coasters.  We already do a lot of bespoke printing so this was no problem.  She took the products to several local craft shows and they sold very well.  Her brother is Mark Charles, and when we looked at his portfolio we realised that he was an exceptionally talented artist, so we decided to develop a range of products which featured his drawings.  This is a brand new range and was only unveiled in january of this year at our first trade show.  The response from retailers there was very positive and we are looking forward to seeing the range go from strength to strength.

The Environment- A growing concern from consumers and retailers is the need for products to be responsibly sourced and produced in an environmentally friendly way.  We share this view and are doing everything we can to help our environment. Some of the steps we have taken are;

All our card and paper products carry the Woodland Carbon logo as the materials used are sourced from a carbon capture scheme which means that trees are planted to replace the ones used to produce the paper.Our greeting cards bags are made using a compostable film, and they carry a logo to make this clear to the consumer.  We use plastic bags for some of our other products but we are working with the manufacturer to develop a range of compostable bags to replace these.

Our shopping and knitting bags have labels which are attached with a plastic tag.  From october 2018 we stopped using the plastic tag on new products and the labels are now attached using string.




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